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A new year and a new start

Happy New Year to all our Posh ladies …. We hope you had an excellent Christmas and you celebrated in true style and looked gorgeous while doing so…..So a new year, a new start, new opportunities and new challenges…. Wow, we can’t wait.

First off we have our sale – take a look at some of the fabulous reductions …these are classic dresses that you will wear again and again… they just need a new loving wardrobe to go to. Treat yourself, you know you want to.

At LPDC the Christmas decs are down, the tree has gone…all boxed away for another year. But we’re really excited about what spring and summer will bring. New collections, new dresses, we can’t wait.

There’s also a bit of a fitness drive going on in preparation for a ski trip in a few weeks time. I’m out running with my gorgeous daughter. Yes you read correctly, I’m running. I’ve always been a swimmer – put me in a pool and I can go on for ever, lap after lap. But I’ve never been a runner, so this is one of my new years resolutions to really be able to run and most importantly enjoy it. I’ll keep you posted with the progress…. I’m determined to get there. Obviously the next time we speak I’ll be a size zero supermodel type, who nolonger eats, drinks and exercises fanatically????  or not as the case maybe.

What else have we been up to ….. talking of up, we had a little trip from LPDC HQ to the top of the Shard. Amazing, definitely one to put on the list of things to do when in London. The views are truly breath taking. Luckily we had a clear day and could see for miles in both directions. The highlight for us though was the trip to the loos before leaving. They’re sited on the viewing floors and are certainly the most amusing toilets I’ve ever been into in London with the most unbeatable vista - Plate glass window from floor to ceiling with a strategically positioned loo. But of course no one can see you because you’re so high up. It amused our children no end. You’ve got to go just to use the loo, it is so worth it.

We finished the trip off with a lovely walk along the Thames from the Tate to the Embankment and finding ourselves so close to The Savoy, thought it would be rude not to have a cheeky little drink in such opulently posh surroundings. Wonderful, and all in glorious winter sunshine.    

So, back to school – that was a shock for all involved. Too many late nights and now we’re back to those really early mornings. I always think the first few weeks of a new term are the hardest when everyone tries to get back into routine. It will come with a few more days practice and hopefully less grumpiness in the mornings.

Football boots that nolonger fit , lost shin pads, lost jumpers. I won’t go into what has been lost by my daughter – including some items she’s borrowed from her brother…. And all named…….   Let’s not go there.

Spring is just around the corner, so now is the time to prepare. Start those diets, start those exercise programmes all in readiness for the new you in a few weeks time, when the weather starts to improve and we have longer lighter days – please yes, we need these soon.

But first we have that lovely little Valentine’s day to consider. A definite ‘must wear a lovely posh dress’ romantic evening for two date. Book the babysitters now while you still have a chance. The sale’s on, there are some lovely dresses – especially our beautiful ruby red satin number. Absolutely perfect. Enjoy and have fun. Until I’m a few pounds lighter and a better runner…….


Roslyn    xxx