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Posh mini break in London

I felt a huge sense of achievement this morning, on board the train as it slowly pulled into Blackfriars’ station, the view of the Shard and the city of London with all its iconic hustle and bustle just happening around me.
London – an amazing capital city, our capital city. A world centre of commerce for thousands and thousands of years and for the last three days, I’ve been a commuter into this great city of ours.
Getting the train from Gypsy Hill, changing at Tulse Hill and then the final leg into Farringdon crossing Blackfriars Bridge, with amazing views across the river of those famous city of London landmarks.
Exiting at Farringdon, I find myself in a very historic part of town. In front of me looms ‘Smithfield Market’- a giant of a building but the day’s work is already done for these guys – they’re cleaning up as we are getting ready to start. It’s rumoured there’s so much water in the building as a result of all the years of refridgeration that’s gone on here, that water has become integral to the fabric of the building – and if they shut up shop, stop the refridgeration, the building will crumble.
I’m heading for the Farmiloe Building, a great venue, shabby chic meets old London Victorian heritage. A legacy of business has been done under this roof. 
I’m here at an exhibition, with a difference.
Over the years (am I that old?) I’ve attended many a conference and exhibition with my health professional and professional marketeer hat on. But this time it’s very different. I’m here with my brand, my label, my idea - the idea I breathed life into. A proud moment – baby number four being presented on stage to trade and public.
Have I told you about my other three? Children that is.
Well there’s my eldest son Robert, followed by daughter Alexandra, younger son William and The Little Posh Dress Company. Do my dogs count? If they do, I have two of these as well. Do I have favourites – no, each is unique in their own way and I share my love and affection in equal amounts to them all – I love them just the way they are (apologies to Mark Darcy !!!!)
We’re here at ‘Best of Britannia’ a brand statement event showcasing all that is great about British Design and manufacture – there are sports cars, log burners (need one of those) handmade shoes, bone china, lingerie, amazing hats ( I know where to go next year for Ascot) cycles, jewellery, handbags ( no I really mustn’t) and lots more I’ve yet to discover. Oh and I’m next to Broker’s London Dry Gin – danger.
I have texted and FB about the etiquette involved in drinking gin and when is it too early to drink. The responses were overwhelming – 'it’s never too early to drink gin' – 'somewhere in the world the sun will be across the yard arm'. So a little tipple shared and jolly good gin it is too. I’m told it’s improved my sales pitch. Is it because I get chattier?
So day two, note to self – don’t drink any gin until later. Be rude not to have any though, when offered. And it is Friday.
So sitting here minding my own business and a TV crew and Lord Digby Jones appear. I feel a photo opportunity coming on – a very charming and obliging chap. Thank you Lord Jones. I did mention that Lady Digby might like my dresses, so he kindly took some marketing info too. Result. Not a bad start. 
The next two days flash by, business cards exchanged, dresses bought. Some fantastic contacts made. There is a great sense that people really like the dresses. That in its self is pretty priceless at the moment, oh and they love our company name. Huge sense of reassurance. 
We have a great product, a great British product, designed and made in England – we’ve just got to tell everyone about it.!!!!
With thanks to my dear marketing mentor, who helped facilitate my four day minibreak and for manning the stand with me on Thursday and as ever for the thought provoking advice he offers.  Until next year…..
Roslyn xxx