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Posh Summer Madness





Posh summer madness at the Little Posh Dress Company

What can we say – it’s been all go at LPDH HQ recently. First there was a trip to Spain for a lovely well needed four days, leaving FD, to man the fort at HQ. Gorgeous villa, fab weather, girlie chats, fantastic food and Malibu and coke – thank you Kate for introducing us to that one. Just what the doctor ordered. Note to self – don’t try Karaoke again, singing voice not that good. I think it’s the effect of watching too many episodes of the X Factor. 

Then summer began properly and school was out – eight long weeks ahead of us. Luckily lots pencilled in the diary to do. It started with a fantastic sojourn to the Indian Ocean. A real adventure for ma famille. Not before bumping into the Bablake School girls Hockey team at T4 Heathrow on their way to a Hockey tour of Malaysia, including Alexandra’s Maths Mistress …... small world or what. Anyway we crossed the equator courtesy of Air Mauritius and arrived 11 and a bit hours later to this little gem of a volcanic island that lies off Madagascar, nestled in the Indian ocean, namely Mauritius.

Initially discovered by the Dutch, Mauritius is an eclectic mix of Asian, Indian, French and creole influences. It was here that the Dodo lived and sadly died. Beautiful seas and beaches provide the backdrop for some truly amazing hotels. We were lucky enough to be staying at The Residence on the East cost of the island (not too far away from Le Tousserok !!!) Views of the white sand and turquoise sea greet you the moment you step through the doors. Posh personified, the hotel is chic and luxurious with a modern colonial aesthetic – a bit like me? Truly elegant and all are eager to please; we had the most fantastic time. Their strapline, ‘Take refuge from the norm‘ and we most certainly did. We even had a butler……… I did tell ma famille not to get too used to it.


So after 10 days of amazing relaxation, food, and fun it was time to return to Blighty (who in our absence had been experiencing highs of 30 degrees plus in London). But not before making the most of the fantastic backdrops and scenery that surrounded us at every corner. A photographer’s heaven – so impromptu shots of some LPD’s was the order of the day.




Oh and we also went shopping and bought handbags as I always do (have I told you about my handbag problem yet? I have too many and I can’t resist buying more – especially when abroad – it’s the memento that I bring home – a handbag !! ) Another note to self - must start thinking of getting the Little Posh bag brand up and running. Too many ideas not enough time.

So back to LPDC HQ and work – interspersed with wonderful days out with my girlfriends and all our children.

My big girl earnt her first ‘fresh money’ yesterday. A phrase she coined many years ago now, when we told her she could do odd jobs for us and we’d pay her pocket money and he replied that she didn’t want our money – she wanted ‘fresh money’. And that’s what she got yesterday.

Meanwhile my little boy Will’s corker of recent weeks, (he’s only seven by the way)

‘Mum, if I buy an Aston Martin, will you chip in?’

Obviously I said yes and hence why I’m back at my desk, working to save for the AM and planning the next adventure.…….. not nearly as posh, wet Wales with two black labs.


Roslyn x