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Posh Adventures in Hong Kong

My Little Posh Dress in Hong Kong
If you haven’t visited Hong Kong before you may not be aware of one of its more unusual landmarks – the Mid-Levels Escalator – one of the longest escalators in the world.  My Little Posh Dress and I live in the Mid-Levels on Hong Kong island – a popular residential area with expats – that is located on the steep hillside directly above Central, the prime business district, and the countless bars and restaurants of SoHo.  Living in the Mid-Levels your main form of transport, to get down the hill and back up again at the end of the day, is the Mid-Levels Escalator.  The escalator takes My Little Posh Dress and I down the hill to work between 6am to 10am, then from 10am it changes direction to take us back home up the hill again until 12am when it stops for the night.  
The Mid-Levels Escalator is rather a novel way of getting around and My Little Posh Dress and I love gliding past the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong without exerting any energy.  However, it does have a couple of downsides.
Currently in Hong Kong it is hot, humid and wet.  Relying on the Mid-Levels Escalator as your main form of transport means that you aren’t protected from the rain or cooled from the heat by air-con as you would be on the buses or the MTR (Hong Kong’s underground system).   Fortunately My Little Posh Dress is the perfect outfit to make sure I survive in comfort in the steamy weather as it is relatively loose, light and made from fabric that can dry out quickly when I get caught in a sudden torrential downpour.  
Sweeping back up the hill at the end of the day is also a precarious time.  The escalator is flanked by an endless stream of inviting bars and stylish eateries beckoning My Little Posh Dress and I to hop off the escalator to drop in for a chilled glass of wine or an exotic cocktail.  It can be hard to resist the temptation and even harder to simply stop at that one revitalising beverage once my journey home up the hill has been suspended.
This leads me to my biggest issue with the Mid-Levels Escalator, which I encountered only last night.  There I was taking my first sip of wine, when a friend glided slowly passed on her way home.  It was surprisingly easy to coax her off the escalator and into joining me.  Before I knew it, My Little Posh Dress and I had accidently engineered an impromptu night out.  The wine and cocktails slipped down too easily and we lost track of time.  Much, much later, I looked at my watch in horror to see that it was passed midnight, the escalator had stopped, and My Little Posh Dress and I had a long and steep stumble home feeling slightly worse for wear.
I wonder what my next Hong Kong adventure in My Little Posh Dress has in store for me.  I am hoping it doesn’t end up with another exhausting climb back home and a throbbing head the next day.
Adrienne x