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Fine fillies go to Royal Ascot

We know Royal Ascot is all about hats, but a number of us beautiful ladies here at the Little Posh Dress company decided it would be great to add a Little Posh Dress to a stunning hat and head off to that famous corner of Berkshire, which for a few days in June, becomes the world stage for racing, the one and only Royal Ascot.
So, we had the dresses, the hats, a few bottles of the finest bubbly, a fantastic chauffer for the day and for once warm June weather. We arrived to the sound of helicopters circling overhead. A definite one to add to the bucket list, one Little Posh Dress wearer commented. How great to arrive at Royal Ascot by helicopter. Perhaps next year?
We headed towards the Grandstand and as ever lost a few of our number en route.  
At 2.00pm we waited for the Royal procession and minutes later were greated with the sight of the Royal carriages elegantly gracing the Royal Ascot course, making their way toward the Royal Enclosure. Then it was decision time and the first race. What’s the form? Who shall we bet on ? Who wants another drink ? Where shall we sit or stand ? Where shall we watch the racing from. Decisions, decisions….. 
Oh look there’s a photographer noted another Little Posh Dress wearer. All too soon we had spotted the media with their purple ribboned ID. And then it began. Exchanges of business cards, posing and the clicking of the camera lens. 
‘We can’t promise anything girls,’ commented one photographer – ‘but you do stand a good chance because there are few celebrities here today….’ 
One Little Posh Dress wearer remarked how she just enjoyed reading all the Royal Enclosure badges – a pastime in itself, to see exactly who you are standing next to. 
And so the day went on. It got gigglier and gigglier as more bets were placed and more bubbles sipped. Some money was lost, some money was won. Including me by the way, £50 win on Dawn Aproach.   
Yesssss !!!! What a fine feeling to be stood in the Grandstand, shoulder to shoulder with such beautiful people, watching as the horses pile past, listening to the thundering of those powerful hooves and seeing your horse pass that finishing line first. The shouting of encouragement and the shouts and whoops of the win. Amazing !!!
Another Posh dress wearer at this stage discussed the idea of going into shared racehorse ownership. ‘How about it, if we got enough of us together?’ she asked and she does know her horses mind. 
Now there’s a thought …….Is that another one for the bucket list?
Oh and now we’ve spotted some telly journo’s – camera crew, sound boom the lot. One intrepid Little Posh Dress wearer approaches to be told, although we’re lovely they are covering lace today and not spots !
And why may I ask is it that there’s always one or two of your group who just chat to everyone? Soon our number had grown and we were chatting to owners / trainers and the two lucky London guys who had called it a day, wanting to stop betting while they were ahead, and ahead they were. But how lovely were they – we asked their thoughts on who to back in the final race and not only did they consult the Racing Post, but went off to make a couple of calls before committing a name to us.
Final bet was placed, sadly it came second.  
Final race over – the singing around the bandstand began. And what was the first song?  A favourite of another fabulous hat wearer, my Mum, namely New York, New York. We’ve sung and danced to that together at many a party around the world,
So betting done and singing over – time to head back to Merv our charismatic chauffer for the day. But not before yet more photos and chatting to more people on the way. Notably Denise Lewis – one of our party began chatting to her about the 10k race she had recently run. Another photo opportunity girls !!!! Denise was lovely. 
Finally back to our vehicle with very sore feet and home.
What an absolutely fabulous day (with apologies to Jen) One Little Posh Dress wearer said how she can see why the Queen goes everyday…… and asked why we can’t too?  
We’ll be back next year of course….. unsure about the helicopter though xxx
Roslyn x

Photography Tim North Photography