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My LPD at the Mandarin Oriental

The population of Hong Kong works hard.  Week on week, my Little Posh Dress and I see more of the office and colleagues than our home and husband.  This is a city packed with locals and foreigners committed to working extremely hard to improve their status and the health of their bank accounts.  If you want to chase your dream, you have to put in the hours.  Nothing will be handed to you on a plate and it is a competitive market – if you aren't prepared to do it, someone else will be. 

The issue with working the long hours is that you have to have a way of letting off steam and releasing the stress.  When we first moved to Hong Kong, my Little Posh Dress and I were faintly amused by the countless bright flashing lights advertising relaxing massages and reflexology.  Now they just seem like a necessary part of the daily de-stressing routine.

This weekend, after a hectic week at work, my Little Posh Dress and I decided to upgrade from our regular neck and shoulder massage at a local spa to a trip to The Mandarin Spa – part of the world renowned Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Hong Kong island.  Naturally, being a sophisticated and glamorous location, this was the perfect opportunity to wear my gorgeous linen Little Posh Dress.

The Mandarin Oriental is famous for its flawless service, from the initial greeting from the doorman, through to the polished receptionists and bellboys.  The exquisite service ethos extended to The Mandarin Spa, which proved to be an oasis of serenity and calm from the moment My Little Posh Dress and I stepped out of the lift.   For two hours we were in pampering heaven, my mind switched off and we had a respite from the 'no pain, no gain' culture that is Hong Kong working life.

It was with great reluctance that My Little Posh Dress and I tore ourselves away from The Mandarin Spa and back to our fast-paced reality!