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In the beginning...

It started with a phone call.

The phone call you dread and the phone call that in all my 46 years I had yet to receive. “ I’m OK, don’t worry, but I’m in hospital”. The hospital was in the French Alps, we live in rural Warwickshire. It ended four weeks later when he eventually came home, from the longest boys ski weekend yet; ‘replumbed’ after excellent care and expert surgery, and meals of french gooey cheese in a cardiac unit!!!

A close one, you stand back, draw breath and question, why us? Life is about lessons isn’t it  – what do you learn from this one ? Hindsight is an amazing thing – now I think it was to prepare me in some way, make me stronger, more resilient for the next call when it came. And it did.

Six months later, one normal friday summer morning, nothing untoward to report. But twelve hours later our lives were changed forever. We had lost her. The single most influential person to me, whose love knew no bounds – my mother.

So what do you do?  You can’t function.  You cry, you mourn, you grieve. You ask questions, that you don’t have the answers to. Time stands still. You drink more, you eat more, you sleep less. Life isn’t the same and nor will it ever be. But she would not have wanted that. So we threw ourselves into our work, my dad, brother and I. We lost ourselves in work, so we would not notice she was missing.

So after channelling my energies for these last 12 months, I finally give you

‘The Little Posh Dress Company’ and Mum it’s for you.

An idea originally fuelled from much Prosecco one NYE whilst chatting with my marketing mentor (more about him later). An idea that had been brewing for sometime.

I’m a great believer in ‘things happening for reasons’ The last 18 months has given me the reasons and energy to get where we are today. And we have had such fun …  Mum you would love it – choosing the materials, working on the designs, going to the shows and watching your beautiful granddaughter join in the photo shoots. 

That’s our story so far and we know it’s only the beginning, because we think each of our Little Posh Dresses will have their own story to tell. 

Roslyn x