About Us

Beautifully British...

The Little Posh Dress Company was established in 2013.  As a British company we pride ourselves on providing you with a collection of gorgeous dresses which are designed and proudly made in Britain.

We only use the very best materials and each dress is lovingly handmade with great attention to detail. The expert workmanship that goes into making each piece means that the quality is just as good as you would expect from a designer brand.

In fact each dress is made by one person from start to finish, giving you peace of mind that your dress has been made with love and care. Only a limited number of each dress is made which allows you to enjoy the exclusivity of the Little Posh Dress.

Our Little Posh Dress plays on the Little Black Dress as we believe every woman needs a little posh dress which will make her feel gorgeous, flatter her body whatever her size or shape and one which she can wear time and time again.

The Little Posh Dresss comes in one classic yet very modern style in a range of fabulous colours and quality fabrics.  The result is a collection of unique styles to suit your individuality whether that be fun and flirty, smart and chic or glamorous and stylish.

We hope you’ll love your Little Posh Dress and have many happy times wearing it!

Everyone deserves at least one Little Posh Dress......